Stalybridge – Neighbourhood watch

A list of current Stalybridge Neighbourhood Watch Schemes will be added soon.

Church Lane
Moorland View Neighbourhood Watch
The Hague/Pingot Lane
Westmoorland Avenue
Woodend Lane
Woodland Close
Moorland View Neighbourhood Watch

Scheme Name: Moorland View Neighbourhood Watch Scheme


Info: The MVNWS is set-up to serve those living at Swineshaw Rd, Arnfield Court, Valehouse Court and the top end of Brushes road. We already have a private Facebook group and an emergency ‘safety and security’ WhatsApp group. This will complement existing activity by making it more official and with the support of the wider community.


Scheme name: Silverthorne Neighbourhood Watch

Email address:


Silverthorne Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator: Jeff Linney Deputy Co-ordinator: Steven Corbett Silverthorne Close is a very quiet cul-de-sac within walking distance of the town centre of Stalybridge. We are a small friendly community and would encourage any new or existing residents to come and join our scheme.
Our Aims We hope that our scheme will:-

  • Make ‘Silverthorne Close’ a safer and better place to live
  • Help our neighbours protect themselves and their properties
  • Provide assurance and reduce the risk of crime
  • Improve police/community liaison. Help support or local Police with greater vigilance and accurate reporting of suspicious incidents
  • Create a better community spirit on the Close

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