Scam Alert

We have been made aware of an ongoing scam.

Fraudsters are making bogus calls to victims, claiming to be phoning from a GMP police station, and demanding that the victim transfers money into a bank account. The fraudsters are able to use a genuine GMP police station telephone number – a scam called ‘spoofing’. This is when a different number shows up on your caller ID than the number someone is really calling from. Never rely on your caller ID to confirm someone’s identity!

Remember – never give out your personal details or bank information to anyone you do not know or trust. If you suspect a scam contact Action Fraud at or call 0300 123 2040.

Scam Alert

#ScamAlert Fraudsters are advertising multi-level investment schemes that offer extraordinary profits for little or no risk. Ponzi schemes are created for all levels of income, and have taken in investors in the top bracket as well as those on middle and low levels. Typically, the fraudster will vanish with investors’ money, so the system eventually collapses with later investors receiving nothing – including their initial investment.

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Tameside Neighbourhood watch has had two fabulous banner stands created. These were recently used at a Neighbourhood Watch & Community event.

We now have available a digital copy of the Tameside Neighbourhood Watch Handbook for neighbourhood watch coordinators and residents. View it online at